Keg 1 O’Neal Office and Distribution Facility

GBA provided architecture and MEP design services on Keg 1 O’Neal‘s new distribution facility in Temple, Texas. The beverage distributor required a large walk-in cooler, warehouse space with racking and truck docks, office space, covered outdoor storage and an indoor repackaging area for its new building. The functional and economic value were important aspects of this project.

Aesthetically, the building connected with its geographic location through natural stone and earth tone accents on exterior walls. Due to the project’s proximity to a major highway and the frequency of client visits, it was important to have a visually appealing design.

A key interior space was the training room in the center of the office area. GBA brought in natural light to this room by popping the roof up and incorporating a series of clerestory windows. In addition to bringing in natural light, the high ceiling also added a secondary roof plan on the outside of the building, bringing additional visual interest to the exterior.

Early in the project, the team decided to work in the same building information model (BIM). Within Revit, the BIM software GBA utilizes, architects and engineers, develop 3D models that bring a concept from 2D lines on a page to reality. Working within the same model allowed for coordination between the various building systems. Additionally, the team used Revit’s keynote feature to its full potential, which helped increase efficiency during the construction document phase, while also eliminating conflicting information on the drawings.

In addition to internal collaboration, GBA also worked closely with our engineering and construction partners to develop a design that would meet the owner’s budget. Throughout the conceptual design phase, documents were provided to MW Builders for review. This led to a visually interesting design that was also cost-effective.

Keg 1 O’Neal, LLC

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