Pavement Management Program in Manor, Texas

As part of a master services agreement, GBA was selected to initiate a Pavement Management Program, including initial pavement inventory/assessment information, inventory database development, program criteria, deficiency data, and pavement management plan for the City of Manor.

GBA used video technology, artificial intelligence data processing, and pavement deficiency identification to collect data on the Manor roadway network (comprised of approximately 62 centerline miles). This data was then stored in a GIS database to manage all the data acquired throughout the assessment process.

GBA is providing annual updates and assessments to the initial plan for three additional years through 2025. These assessments include an annual inventory, data collection for updating each street’s pavement rating, and recommendations for the maintenance and improvements strategy based on the revised annual budget. Through coordination with City staff, this system became Manor’s first multi-year maintenance plan based on pavement ratings and risk analysis.

City of Manor

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