Revitalizing Shawnee's Infrastructure

Shawnee, KS

Project Overview

The City of Shawnee, Kansas, was focused on revitalizing 75th Street. Stretching over 5,500 feet, the project encompassed comprehensive improvements, including the replacement of the storm sewer systems, installation of ADA-compliant sidewalks, full curb and gutter replacement, asphalt mill and overlay and the addition of a path. It also involved replacing intersection hardware, implementing new signals and enhancing street lighting and landscaping.

Project Deliverables and Purpose

The project’s primary objective was to improve the infrastructure at 75th Street from Switzer to Quivira with an upgraded curb, gutter and surface. By enhancing accessibility and safety measures, the City aimed to create a more pedestrian-friendly environment while ensuring smoother traffic flow for commuters and residents.

GBA’s Contribution

The GBA team played a pivotal role in ensuring the project’s success. The team remained dedicated to the highest quality and compliance standards throughout every project phase, from conducting shop drawings and material reviews to providing daily inspections as City representatives. The team remained dedicated to the highest quality and compliance standards throughout every project phase.

The City of Shawnee chose to work with GBA based on the team’s expertise and dedication to delivering exceptional results. The team demonstrated the capability to meet and exceed the City’s expectations.

City of Shawnee

Challenges and Solutions

Navigating the complexities of managing traffic and ensuring public safety presented significant challenges. However, through proactive monitoring and rapid response, the team successfully mitigated potential disruptions and maintained an efficient construction schedule, minimizing inconvenience to the community. Additionally, the project encountered several utility conflicts, necessitating field storm sewer adjustments. These adjustments were meticulously coordinated with the city project manager and the design firm to ensure seamless execution.

Highlighting Unique Attributes

The GBA Inspection Services team paid attention to every project detail and was dedicated to upholding project specifications. This played a crucial role in ensuring the successful completion of the project.

Handling Complexity

While the project presented its share of complexities, particularly in design intricacies, the team’s adeptness and collaborative approach ensured seamless execution from conception to completion.

Project Timeline

The project was completed within the allocated timeframe and budgetary constraints. Construction began in February 2022 and concluded in December of the same year, meeting all scheduled milestones and financial objectives.

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