Fire & Life Safety

Fire is a chemical reaction requiring three components: heat, fuel, and oxygen. If one component is eliminated, ignition is prevented from occurring or the fire is extinguished. While this concept may seem simple, it was misunderstood or ignored by the building design and construction industry for many years.

At GBA, our licensed fire protection engineers know the importance of understanding what goes into a fire, and how to provide solutions ensuring safety. Our team has a mission focused on protecting life, assets, property and the continuity of business operations. We strive to address the latest advancements and issues in fire and life safety. Our team provides services with experience in a variety of special hazards and systems to carry out its mission.

Fire extinguishers available for fire & life safety.Services
  • Evaluation, audit and analysis
  • Planning and design
  • Inspection, testing and commissioning
  • Training and education
  • Dusts and flammable/combustible liquids hazards evaluation
  • Smoke control systems: smoke venting, exhaust and pressurization
  • Emergency communication systems and mass notification
  • Code consulting for Highly Protected Risks (HPR) and client EHS assistance
  • Clean agent suppression and water mist
  • Fire pumps and water supplies
  • Explosion control: suppression and venting
  • Building interface and networking with a BAS/BMS or network operations centers

GBA’s Fire & Life Safety team, which is made up of fire protection engineers, certified fire code inspectors and support personnel, are trained and experienced in NFPA codes and standards, model building codes, Factory Mutual fire protection and construction standards, and The Americans with Disabilities Act. They work together to provide support for commercial spaces, data centers, telecom, storage warehouses, and manufacturing projects in both new and existing facilities.