Wastewater Solutions

GBA provides expertise in all areas of collection and treatment for water and wastewater systems. GBA Wastewater Services encompass the collection, treatment, and discharge of wastewater from homes, industries, and communities. Additionally, GBA and our affiliates aim to protect public health and the environment by removing harmful pollutants from wastewater and returning it to the environment in a safe and sustainable manner.

  • Studies and facility plans
  • Flow monitoring and modeling
  • Gravity sewers
  • Pump stations and force mains
  • Treatment plants
  • Rehabilitation including trenchless designs
  • Construction observation
  • GIS mapping
Complete Wastewater Services
Wastewater Studies
GBA Wastewater Studies are a comprehensive analysis of the characteristics and properties of wastewater. These studies are used to determine treatment needs, including the assessment of physical, chemical, biological properties, and contaminants. Additionally, this information is then used to design an appropriate and effective wastewater treatment process.
Facility Planning
GBA Wastewater Facility Planning involves the design and implementation of a wastewater treatment system to effectively treat the analyzed wastewater, taking into account the results of wastewater studies, local regulations, and site conditions. Additionally, this involves the selection of treatment technologies, the sizing of equipment and facilities, the development of construction plans, cost estimates, and maintenance requirements.
Geographic Information System Mapping
GBA provides GIS mapping to create digital maps and databases that can be used to visualize, analyze, and manage wastewater-related data. This includes mapping wastewater infrastructure, sewer networks, treatment plants, discharge points, and other relevant information to support decision-making, planning, and management of wastewater solutions and systems.
Wastewater Engineering and Construction
GBA wastewater construction projects are designed to handle the flow and pressure requirements of the system, ensuring efficient and effective transportation of wastewater. Expertise includes pump stations, gravity sewers, force mains, and treatment plants.
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