Bridge Engineering & Inspection

For over 25 years, GBA has provided quality bridge inspection and engineering services for Kansas, Missouri, Texas, and Oklahoma.  From local rural bridge improvements to new designs for complex highway interchanges, we help local municipalities and DOT’s build and improve their infrastructure by providing the proper design solution for any situation. GBA’s bridge team includes certified bridge inspectors that assess and maintain existing infrastructure, maximizing the lifespan of bridges and reducing maintenance costs.

Bridge Engineering & Design

Award-winning bridge engineering, design, and implementation.

GBA performing bridge construction on Johnson Drive in Mission, KS
GBA performing bridge construction on Johnson Drive in Mission, KS

GBA’s transportation engineering team understands the importance of a safe, connected transportation network.

With extensive experience working with state and local agencies, GBA assists with highway and street engineering, bridge engineering and traffic engineering.

Additionally, our team of experts handles projects on every level, including municipal, county, Department of Transportation, small mill-and-overlays to highly complex interchanges and bridge design.

We work with clients that value quality infrastructure and continue to evolve along with you to solve challenges together.

Services & Solutions

Bridge Rehabilitation Projects


County Bridges in Rural Settings


Highway & Interchange Bridges


New & Replacement Bridges


Pedestrian Bridges


Railroad Bridges & Coordination


River & Stream Crossing Bridges


Bridge Inspection

Carefully planned. Meticulously executed.

GBA conducting bridge inspections on kansas city main bridge.
GBA performing an inspection for KDOT in Kansas City.

Our bridge inspectors identify small problems before they become big problems, and work seamlessly with our preservation team to provide timely solutions resulting in cost savings and longer life spans for the bridge.

GBA’s unique combination of design, inspection knowledge, and preservation experience sets us apart from other bridge inspection companies. GBA helps owners maintain their bridge inventories in a cost-effective way.  Our dedication to our clients and our innovative approach to design inspection, and preservation services make us the right call for complete solutions.

As a leader in Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI), GBA’s LPA-certified inspectors provide a wide array of construction-based services throughout the construction lifecycle. In addition to construction management and contract administration, GBA has the technical resources to provide construction inspection and materials testing using dedicated on-site engineers and credentialed technicians on projects ranging from small municipal improvements to major interstate construction.

Services & Solutions

Bridge and Asset Management


Bridge Construction Inspection


Bridge Load Ratings


Bridge Preservation


Bridge Scour Analysis


Culvert Inspection Condition Assessment


NBIA Compliant Bridge Inspections


Nondestructive Testing


Routine Bridge Inspection


Underwater Inspection
Element Level Inspections
On-System and Off-System Bridges


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